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In choosing a POS system you are also choosing a long-term relationship (hopefully your POS will last a long time). Like any long-term relationship
it's always wise to think through who you are about to get in bed with for the next 7+ years. Here are a few items we think you should consider:

How long have they been in this business?
Performance POS was founded in 1959 as Pacific Cash Register and has been providing continuous service to the San Francisco area and
beyond ever since the days of heavy clunky cash registers. The restaurant business is difficult and sometimes newbies make a splash and then
they're gone in two years or less. POS is the same way. It is much harder than outsiders realize and requires a serious commitment and a proven
track record.

Have you been to their office?
You should go there. Take the tour. See if they even have an office. Do they have any visible employees? Will they allow you to meet the folks who
will be installing, training or providing future support? Then come to ours and do the same. You make the call.

How long have their own employees stuck around?
We all know that turnover in the customer service business is a great challenge for all of us. We all also know that when the company has really
good products, insists on excellent service, and treats guests and employees in a straightforward, ethical manner.... turnover is lower and
employees tend to stick around. 33% of our employees have been here 10+ years, 75% have been with us 5+ years. None of our competitors are
even close.

Do they only have ONE Product to sell you?
We are an independent company. We pick and choose the best hardware and software available on the market at varying price points in order to
provide CHOICE and options for our clients. We believe in true consulting in order to match the right client with the right product and budget FOR
THEM. It always puzzles me when people who work for Mxxxxx or Axxxx do a consultation and then end up recommending that you buy the ONLY
product that they are allowed to sell. What were the odds?

Do they require you to buy THEIR brand of hardware?
Remember when the iPhone first came out and it seemed really cool? Remember that for a really long time you could only buy it running on AT&T.
Didn't that suck? Yeah, me too. Choice and Competition among hardware vendors to get picked leads to better functionality at better prices. OUR
software choices are certified to run on ten or more brands of hardware..... workstations, printers, cash drawers, scanners, scales, etc. Choice is
better for you. It really is.

What is the Total Cost of their system over FIVE or more Years?
Initial price is a big thing. We get it. We hope our initial price is the best out there. BUT what are THEY going to charge you for ongoing hardware
and software support? Do they require expensive annual contracts? Are there ongoing license fees? Hidden Fees? Our biggest competitors are
both owned by public companies are legally required to disclose that their post installation service revenue represents more than 40% of their total
revenue. Ours runs 20%. Take the annual service costs... multiply by FIVE and then add the initial purchase price and you will arrive at the total
cost of ownership over five years. We'll even put ours in writing. Will they?

What exactly happens when you call for Help?
We like high tech stuff. We also understand that high-tech can sometimes be the SOURCE of your frustration, and may in fact, be why you are
calling us. So we decided to PAY for live, friendly NON-TECH people to actually answer the phone when you call. No pressing 1 or talking to a
machine or entering your account number (by the way...no one will ever ask you for an account number... we don't use them....your name will do
just fine). Tell us who you are and what is going on and we will get someone to help you asap. Not a machine or Siri; fake humans or starting live
chat sessions. We think the old fashioned live chat works better. It costs more. Its better. Also, we're fun. That may sound dumb, but life is hard
enough without having to talk to dull people when you are having a tough day.
Local, Stable, Independent, Personal, Proven
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